Back by popular demand, Residents are able to enjoy seasonal swimming sessions at our local YMCA. Since first offered in 2011, Nursing, Recreation, and Volunteer staff have been pairing up with excited residents to accompanying them in the pool. We have had the pleasure of swimming with residents of all ages and capabilities; our local YMCA is equipped with a lift for those who are unable to ambulate. Needless to say, swimming at the YMCA has been a fantastic activity for the winter blues.

Island Drive

We live in a beautiful place and enjoy exploring the scenery. We take our residents out in our accessible vans for afternoon drives as much as we can, and offer van use to families to do the same. Island drives have many different faucets: Lighthouse tours, the Ice-cream to Katama excursion, and the sunset sightseeing in Menemsha. We have annual ‘drive traditions’ like the tabernacle tour on Illumination Night in August, and during the holiday season we enjoy a tour of the holiday lights lit throughout the island. In the past few years, we have also had the joyous opportunity to have Tom Dressor, island historian and writer, to give us his own personal tour of the island which is full of great history and highly entertaining anecdotes.

Church Service

During the fall and spring, the Recreation Department takes residents out of the building to the church service of their choice.  We have attended many religious opportunities throughout the Island such as Methodist, Congregational, Catholic, and Jewish services.  The island congregations are very welcoming and accommodating to our needs reserving seating in their sanctuary for our attendants.  During the winter holiday season, we understand the importance of participating in religious services and make every effort to see that all residents have the opportunity to do so.

The Tabernacle

The MV Camp Meeting Association summer program is our favorite. We traditionally attend the opening concert by the Island Community Chorus around the 4th of July. Our goal is to attend as many Community Sings Concerts as we can on Wednesday nights July through August. We have experience many types of musical concerts at the Tabernacle such as: classical piano, folk, and the blues. There are also many lectures, movies, church services and tributes that can be enjoyed throughout the summer season as well.


Bowling at the Barn and Bistro in Oak Bluffs. Residents are able to enjoy playing against each other using the bowling assist frame. It is quickly becoming one of the most favorite outings.