reikiReiki is an ancient healing method with roots in Chinese medicine. It has been used as a complement to other medical interventions and is a simple practice of the gentle laying of a practitioner’s hands to promote the recipient’s innate power of healing. The Reiki practitioner is a facilitator not a provider of this healing energy. The Windemere Reiki program began in 2012. Starting with one volunteer Reiki practitioner to administer this healing practice, we looked at the residents best suited to receive Reiki. Today, we have a weekly Reiki program, funded in part by a generous island grant. The Windemere Reiki program is used to alleviate anxiety and agitation, but has also proven to help with overall relaxation and for some residents, pain reduction. We have trained a number of staff members in the Reiki practice and encourage Reiki sessions for our residents whenever necessary. Reiki is also a benefit to the staff, who took part in the training, as they learn Reiki techniques for self-healing and relaxation before they apply Reiki to others.