Garden Club

On the third Friday of every month, the Garden Club brings floral treats.  Run by the Vineyard Garden Club members, with flowers donated from volunteer gardens and generous local florists, the Garden Club is a program that many residents look forward to attending each month.  The Volunteers arrive with flowers and spend the hour with the residents refreshing all the flowers for the dining tables, creating bouquets for each unit and sending a corsage or an arrangement home with each resident for their rooms.

Conversation Groups

Residents enjoy having the opportunity to converse with our volunteers. There are a number of volunteers who host unique Conversation Groups that focus on many topics. Current events, hobbies, and  daily interests are just a few topics that often influence the direction of the conversation. These sessions most often take place in the parlors and sitting rooms on Ocean View, Wildflower Court, the Recreation Room, and Windemere’s Courtyard when weather permits. Residents from all areas of Windemere are welcome to join the fun while light refreshments are served.

Knitting Club

The knitting club at Windemere meets in the Ocean View Parlor. The knitters donate their time creating beautiful pieces such as baby hats and blankets. These items are most often donated to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Maternity wing and are given to new mothers and their babies. While participating in a great cause, the knitters enjoy each other’s company over sharing their projects, beverages, and often a favorite baked good.

Wind Song Chorus & Wind Chime Choir

About 4 years ago, hearing so much singing in our hallways, we began our choirs.  Under the direction of Carol Loud, we performed in the 2013Windemere’s Celebration of Music concert at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs.  We are also regulars at hosting quarterly Resident Talent Shows.  Some of the resident’s who chime, do not sing and some who sing, do not chime but everyone is welcome regardless of their perceived musical abilities. Today, we have a repertoire that includes over 10 choral pieces and 10 chime numbers, with about 10 members in each choir.  But perhaps, the most important aspect of our musical collaboration is our love of making music together.

The Yard

Martha’s Vineyard Dance studio, The Yard, is a dance program that provides all residents with the opportunities to be creative with movement. Jesse Keller, the Director of Island Programs and Education, Co-Producer for the Yard, visits Windemere each week. Her unique style allows residents to explore ways to move that surprise us all.  The Dance with The Yard program was initiated and funded by the Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard. The program has continued generously as a part of the community outreach and education program from The Yard. They have shown us we are all dancers at heart.