Windemere volunteers are an essential part of our Recreational program. We are blessed to have over 120 volunteers who contribute seven days a week to the well-being of our residents. We can boast of nearly 2,500 hours of volunteer support every year, but the true value is in the relationships you make with our residents, and how you become a part of Windemere’s family.

Some of the volunteers at Windemere have been donating their time for over 20 years. We have volunteers with many talents that contribute to the many programs and activities we offer: pet therapy, musicians, lunch companions, dinner escorts, inspiring sing-a-long leaders, choir directors, Reiki therapy, students of all ages and disciplines, knitting group enthusiasts, concert goers, art makers, museum curators, exercise experts, gardeners, social hosts of ice cream socials & teas, conversation group leaders, bicycle riders, walking group leaders, bingo callers, poets & writers, historians, and church service leaders.

The Recreational Department is always open to new ideas and possibilities and welcomes all volunteers, of all ages and backgrounds, to join us in creating a fun environment for everyone at Windemere. Thank you for your support.

To apply please fill out the Corresponding Applications Below:
Click here for an Adult Volunteer Application, aging from 16 years and older

Click here for a CORI form for volunteers aged 16 years and older
Click here for a Junior Volunteer Application, aging from 12-15 years old